> Racist gated communities. I have sympathy for the people in Breezy Point and Seagate who lost homes and belongings in the floods and fires, and I know it’s no fun to be displaced. But we have to acknowledge these places for what they were: segregated enclaves designed to enable white people to live relatively cheaply within the city limits without having black or brown people living next door.

Yeah. I was going to visit breezy point this past summer, for fun. It’s a short bike ride from Fort Tilden beach. I figured the gates were for cars, to keep the parking for residents. But then I heard otherwise: The gates are for us.

In which case… best of luck to them, but I don’t see the public interest in funding the rebuilding of a private enclave.

  1. blondeballoon said: it’s not like there’s NO parking for anyone to visit, i’ve been there several time with my friends. the lack of public transit that goes there is what keeps people they don’t want away. the logic is that if you can’t afford to drive, you don’t belong
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