The risk of falling tree limbs due to winds or heavy snowfall is real, but the same risk affects other parts of the city’s transportation network that don’t get shut down during storms. Any sidewalk or roadway with mature street trees, for instance, is basically in the same situation as the sections of the greenway next to mature trees. Closing down the greenway also creates new risks, as cyclists are forced to ride with motor traffic on Manhattan’s wide avenues — which were slushy and slippery after this week’s storm — instead of a dedicated bike path.

Seriously when is the last time a cyclist was killed by a tree in New York? We have a couple of cyclists (and more pedestrians) killed by motorists each month, and the city is closing the safest routes to protect us from tree limbs.

It’s like we’ve got a bunch of republican pollsters in charge of assessing and mitigating dangers to the public. Can we have a “fivethirtyeight” focused on governing well instead of just winning the power to do it stupidly?